How to get a job in the Web Design Industry

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So, you’ve taken the first step. Actually deciding what you want to do – get a job in the web design industry! In this article I am going to give you some tips and advice on how to do just that.

Web Design Training

Most designers have experience in the design industry or have training, however the good news is you don’t need any qualifications! So why not teach yourself? First you need to decide what you want to do. You could specialize in building the pages or be an artist designing the pages, selling your creations. Some designers work on photoshop all day, others work on databases! Although it would be beneficial to become knowledgeable in both types. You would need to picture how it would look AND how it would work. From then on getting a job could be as easy as starting up your own web design website and going freelance.

If you decide teaching yourself is the way to go then youtube and other video sharing sites could be really beneficial to you. There are loads of videos out there to help you along the way and they are often FREE! What are you waiting for?

In order to really succeed in the business you will need a good knowledge of HTML and other programs such as dreamweaver, photoshop, flash and fireworks CSS javascript .Net .

Colleges and universities do offer courses on these programs if you feel you would need somebody else to teach you rather than teach yourself. The national skills academy for i.t even offers over 1000 online courses on the subject! However, a course isn’t always the best option for some people as some can last up to four years – could you teach yourself quicker?

However if freelancing isn’t for you an obvious step in getting a job in the web design industry would be to APPLY. Once you feel you have enough know how, get yourself on website’s such as directgov, and and get searching! In some cases there may be jobs offering apprenticeships or even on the job training (woohoo) ! And who doesn’t like getting paid to learn?

Of course there are many things to consider in this industry. If you decide on freelancing it is important to consider how to actually GET clients. Once you have clients it’s even more important to find good ways to keep them! No matter what you decide to do you must remember to always keep up to date with the industry, making sure your skills are fresh and sought after!

Where To Get A Web Design Job

Depending on where you are there will be many web design companies, whether you are looking for companies based in Cambridge like Double Spark Web Design, or companies based London, Midlands or Scotland, there are lots of firms all over the country. Once you have a portfolio you should hand in your CV to local companies where you live.

There are many jobs in the web design industry at the moment and with the amount of people out of work it may be a very good idea to consider this career path! Who knows, in a few months you could be designing web sites for big clothing companies, famous furniture stores…it’s up to you. All you have to do is get started!

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